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“Written with vim and delicacy by Anna Wheatley... Beige is coloured by grief and yet it is not downbeat but has an openness and is quietly affecting.” - LYN GARDNER

Copy of -Beige- at the Vaults Festival,

Alex is funny. That’s what Lila says at least. But it’s more embarrassing coming from yer mum right? “It’s genetic, Hun. I’m f**king funny me.”

You know that thing when yer dad’s a philandering absentee, yer relationships are forever on the wonk and the binary don’t apply? Yeh, that’s Alex on the daily.

Thank f**k for Lila.

Alex and their mum are both just trying to do life. Some days it’ll make them wanna punch through a wall, on others they’ll find themselves slow-dancing in an art gallery. Whatever gets ‘em through ya know?

In this half-play, half stand-up gig, Anna Wheatley explores the art of being human in a world obsessed with boxes. You might do a laugh. You might do a cry. You might join hands and stick two fingers up to society.


Originally performed at VAULT Festival 2020

VAULT Festival Team

WRITTEN BY Anna Wheatley (she/her)

DIRECTED BY Jess Daniels (she/her)

DESIGN BY Ica Niemz (he/they)

SOUND BY Brain Rays (he/him)

STAGE MANAGEMENT BY Matthew Gardner (they/them)

CAST   ALEX - Em Thane (they/them)  

           LILA - Jordan Whyte (she/her)  

           ERIN - Sukey Willis (they/them)  

           DEAN - Jahvel Hall (he/him) 

-Beige- at the Vaults Festival, Photos b
Copy of -Beige- at the Vaults Festival,
-Beige- at the Vaults Festival, Photos b
Lila and ALex lighter.png
Copy of -Beige- at the Vaults Festival,
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